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Happy New Year deviants!!!

- suigin

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life" - Socrates

Hello dear ones!

You might think, "What the **** are you here again on deviantart?". Well it has been a very long time for sure, but it all has to do with the art academy I attended this year. I did not know that it would be crowded with all the homework, experimenting with art, research and all those museum visits. It is really tiring and I hardly have the time to do the thing I love the most: Making art on da. I was still in the commission era, but the progress of it went so extremely slow!
I apologize to those - outside and in da - who have commissioned me! I respect their long long wait for their art. I promised them all a little extra ; )! - Free cost ofc -

I feel terrible, and I am here to set things right now! School opened a little gap called - free time -

I also want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes! I appreciate it alot. Reaching 21 is horrifying. But to know that there are people aware of you aging closer to death makes the aging worth : )!

I am aborting Commission: Rebellious Flowered. I might open it again when I have time. Now it's 100% Commission focus + school

Thank you for understanding!


Your Majesty, Queen of the Rebellious Flowered,
Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

A new era has started, colorful feelings must be inspired! It's time to make people happy with art. As the formal Queen of the Rebellious Flowered, I'll shall walk your garden and make it bloom like I never did before!

FAQ | Pay with dAMembership | Progress List


Head shot 10 Dollar - Example
Waist up 15 Dollar - Example
Full Body 20 Dollar - Example


Full Body 10 Dollar - Example

Fashion Illustration

Waist up 17 Dollar - Example

No snail mail. Paypal only.
I have to receive payment before I start drawing. You can either pay in halves, the first half before I start and then the second half when I finish, or you can pay all up front.
Don't send money until I acknowledge the commission through a reply/tell you to send the money. Send all money to my paypal at

Note me these things:

Order & Price

If you find something in my gallery you want to have similar for your commission, please note the title of the artwork! ♥


Your Majesty, Queen of the Rebellious Flowered,

Slot Filled by beruruSTAR
Here is a little list of what you can get for each duration of Premium Membership. You can pick only one option from each month!

1 Month
♛ Simpel Chibi Sketch Commission

3 Months
♛ Full Body CG Chibi Commission
♛ Head shot Normal Commission

1 Year
♛ 2x Head shot Commission
♛ Head shot Commission + Full Body CG Chibi
♛ Waist up + Chibi Sketch
♛ Full Body
♛ Fashion Illustration + Chibi Sketch


- Suigin
See how your commission is doing ! ♥ : )

Slot Filled by beruruSTAR
Progress Bar - Finished (wo) by Oceannist
- Fashion Illustration // Finished Paid
Progress Bar - Shading (wo) by Oceannist - Chibi // Coloring Paid

Slot Filled by irl
Progress Bar - Shading (wo) by Oceannist - Fashion Illustration // Coloring Paid

Slot Filled by irl/2
Progress Bar - Shading (wo) by Oceannist - Fashion Illustration // Karl Largerfield// Coloring Paid

Slot Filled by irl/3
Progress Bar - Shading (wo) by Oceannist - Fashion Illustration // MMM // Coloring Paid

Progress Bar - Shading (wo) by Oceannist - Fashion Illustration // MM6 //Coloring Paid</i>



- Suigin

Wondering why it's taking so long, or want to know more about the details? Don't hesitate and note, mail even call me anytime! ♥

Gmail/Gtalk -
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What Program do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop for sketching, coloring, everything! It's literaly the tool of the Queen ♥

How long will my commission take?
It depends on the type of commission and the list order. I work my list down from the first order to the last! So for the sketches, it might take a week or less, the same goes for a Full Colored Chibi. For a Normal Commission it might also maybe take a week or less if it's a waist up. It will take probably a week or 2 for a Full Colored Normal Commission.

Where can I see the progress of my Commission?
Right over here darling ->…

As for the Fashion Illustration it will take probably 2 weeks or less. Fashion Illustrations are with more details on the clothing, and lots of cooping with the customer as it comes to discussing the Fashion. ( Depends on the Customer on how picky they are on the clothing ^^ ♥ )

Where can I find the Commission Form?
You can find it on my deviant page, I always put it on the front if I'm doing Commissions. You can see the form in the commission entry.

Can I request my commission in a certain size?
Of course! However, my limit goes to 1500x1500 Pixels.

Will there be watermark on the Commission?
A little autograph in the corner : ) ♥

How do I pay for my Commisssion?
You can pay for your commission withe Paypal. The e-mail to refer the payment to is make sure to note your user-name and type of commission like, Fluffieball, Fashion Illustration Commission

Do you accept points?
No, sorry Queen Suigin doesn't role with points :' (

Are you cool with Premium Membership for Commission?
Totally! Here is a little list… of what you can get for each duration of Premium Membership. You can pick only one option from each month!

What is are different between a Fashion Illustration Commission and a Normal Commission?
I pay more attention to the clothing in a Fashion Illustration than a Normal one. Think about the colors, buttons, little patterns. The style also be different, it'll be more like watercolored. It's a mixture of my current style but with a little watercolor effect over it. See it as an Illustration for a Fashion Magazine when it's done.


- Suigin

Missing a question?
Don't hesitate to note me or question in the comments below! ; ) ♥

I'm totally confused on what I'm going to do next after my graduation at college. So, my goal is to end up as Art / Creative Director, (In like editorial design for magazine, illustration and stuff ;having a v-magazm )but I'm not sure in what category I want to be working in. I have a few thought on:

- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Fashion Illustration ( Wait isn't that the same a Illustration itself? You tell me ;m; )

So I'm currently watching Men & Woman Survival on Discovery channel, they are surviving on a boat in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and I'm so inspired . . .

Also it IS pretty fun to write a journal once in a while : )


- Suigin
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I just signed myself for the GW2 : BETA : )

For those who play GW; I'm Junpun Tamama / Tjin Tjin : D
Not so much online recently tho :'<

Whisper me randomly sometimes we can go FA >: )


- Suigin ♥
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I've been totally productive today . . .

- Suigin ♥
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Carnival is almost here.

Go, Zombi Minaj!

So, big bummed rapper, pink barbie hair & facial zipper revealing the human flesh of my left upper cheek starting from the eye >: D BAMBOOCHA
I'll try to avoid mirrors, cus i'm suffering exposed-human-flesh-phobia.

But why Suigin Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy / boobie slap /

To revenge those who made fun of me when i fainted at this horrible place where they exhibited;


Just right before the human kneeparts I had this emotional black-out becus I always thought our bodies were filled with gummi bears, and if we would cut ourselves we would bleed donuts and hotdug ( > . /////// . <)

Bitch please, I'm gonna make other people faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaint >: )

" Lower Ai-Laashushhh - Upper Ai-Laashushhh & Lower Woterline - Upper Woterline of the Ai " :trollface:
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Happy New Year everyone!

Best wishes to everyone! I hope for an artistic, creative 2012! For everyone!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


with love
- Suigin
Why can a birthday present turn into blackmail?

The biggest mistake is to take Lady Gaga away from me, and I won't forgive you for that. I WON'T.

- Demonish Suigin

I also hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas too ofcourse ^_^ ! ♥ ♥ ♥
I'm gonna Marry, The Night! ;A;
Suigin will not cry anymore . . .

I'm gonna Marry, The Night! ;A;
Suigin will leave nothing on these streets to explore !

Ma- Ma- Ma- Marry
Ma- Ma- Ma- Marry
Ma- Ma- Ma- Marry The Night ;A;

Can't get this song out of my head you guys ;A; I'm having a sexual intercourse with the Night ;A; Maybe that explains why I feel werewolfish sometimes : P
Hi guys ! : D

Found out about this super lovely delicious cute cake on dA! ( ♥♥♥ ) <(;v;< )
And it's like . . .  for points . . .  well anyways I just wanted to say :

Llama for Points ! ♥ . . .

I don't want to sound corny ;A; but . . .
Gawd isn't that cake adorable 3_3 I mean srsly . . . ♥

- Suigin

Well I am ! ^_^

I'd like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes ! : D I'm so happy ! ♥ So thank you so much ! : D It's still awkward to think I turned 20, even though my inner me tells me I'm 11 or younger <(;_;< )! ♥

And thank you for the very nice presents ♥  ♥ : D!  

Thank you again ^_^ ♥

- Bird-day Burd Suigin ♥
Tablet pen ran away from me : |

Diggy Diggy Hole.

pen . . . U R BEING SUCH A LANNISTER =_= ***

Diggin'a hole.
It's been 10 Years now.

My heart goes out to all the people that lost their life on 9-11 and all the families that lost a loved one. RIP 9 /11 ♥
School started everyone!
That means Pretty Drawings in the weekend, hard working and tooth brushing on school days =3=!

Good luck & make the best of it ! : D

- Suigin. PM
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Yea I cleaned my room WAAHOO XD ! ♥
It's so clean, I don't want to go to school.
Oh the neatness oh oh oh.

/Room orgasm.

Need to clean that up now :iconimcryingsomuchplz:
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I've been following Ghost Adventures for awhile now. And I got to say, freaky stuff :0
I'm very into this paranormal thing, but it scares the - bleep - out of me XD
But I think it's fun, a little bit for the thrill : ] Derp derp.

Yea I like that ~_~ Thrill. Like roller coasters, madhouse? ;A;

Anyone seen the vid "Body of a Pig" on YT?
- Faaart -
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